"DUSK" Nominations:

Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival 2008,  ReelHeART International Film Festival  Toronto 2008,  Swansea Life Film Festival 2008, The End of Pier  International Film Festival 2008, ÉCU The Independent Film Festival Paris 2008

Stories and project development:

2008           DANS LA CAVE                        - post-nuclear  drama in Paris, film, 120 Minutes, screenplay ready for production.


2009           CLEARCUTTING                       -  satirical thriller playing in Vienna, TV-movie, 120 Minutes, screenplay and storyboard ready for production.

2010           JEAN RACINE’s ANDROMAQUE  -  multimedia theater project against the backdrop of a global  oil war.


2011-2014   FADING AWAY                         - end time shocker, film 120 Minutes, detailed storyboard and  screenplay ready for production.


2014-2015   FROZEN LIGHT                        - SF adventure. Treatment for a 120 Minutes film about a journey through time experiment by a

                                                                   Viennese scientist, based on the quantum-mechanical probability.